17 Ways Travel Can Transform Your Artsy Lifestyle

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Do you appreciate the beauty of art and culture in the world around you?


Traveling can be a transformative experience for those with an appreciation for the arts. 


If you’re someone who values the beauty of different cultures, then exploring new destinations can provide an unparalleled opportunity to expand your artistic horizons. 


By immersing yourself in a foreign environment, you can gain a unique perspective on the world and its diverse art forms. 


Whether it’s visiting a local museum or attending a traditional dance performance, there are countless ways to connect with the arts while on vacation. 


Not only can this add depth to your understanding of other cultures, but it can also inspire you to incorporate new artistic elements into your own creative endeavors. 


So next time you plan a trip, consider how it can enhance your love for the arts and allow you to connect with other cultures on a deeper level.


Here are 17 ways to help you connect.

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1. Bring a Sketch Pad

Instead of reaching for your phone to snap a pic, why not grab your sketch pad and a pencil instead? Create an outline or quick drawing of the beauty around you.  It is a great way to live in the moment. 

2. Go to the Library 

Public libraries are a wealth of information.


Librarians love to be helpful and can offer lots of information about the community’s cultural arts.


You do not have to live there to utilize the services of the library.


Very often there’s a bulletin board somewhere inside plastered with flyers promoting local events.

3. Attend a Concert

Look for a concert hall, stadium,  or event center in the city you are visiting.


If you have your heart set on a big-name performer or artist, you will want to book this online in advance.


Schools and places of worship may sponsor concerts in smaller towns or rural communities.

Open air concert at Bay Park Sarasota Florida
Open air concert at Bay Park Sarasota Florida

4. Explore your Artsy Lifestyle with Free Events

Community organizations host free events from time to time.

An example would be a Concert in the Park Series.


A proactive pre-trip strategy is to check on the website of the local Chamber of Commerce or Town Hall.

5. Go to an Art Show

Scout out galleries to discover if an art show may be happening during your visit. 


This is a great way to discover new and emerging artists who represent the area.

6. Take a Class

One-time painting, ceramic, stained glass, or epoxy classes can be found in many places.


Restaurants, libraries, and community centers host such classes for adults and children alike. 


Offerings hosted at restaurants can sometimes include wine and cheese, making it an even more appealing experience.

7. Break Out the Easel

Bring your portable easel and acrylics with you and whip them out wherever you feel inspired.

There is nothing like painting a subject in person to get just the right lighting.

Painting in the streets- Sarasota

8. See a Show 

Please don’t travel to New York without ever seeing at least one Broadway show! 


Many productions also travel to cities throughout the United States to share their talent nationally. 

Large cities such as London also have spectacular theater.

9. Shop Indy Bookstores 

Poetry readings, author promotions, and literary events are popular at many Indy Bookstores.


Some bookstores have created a coffee culture and sell snacks to encourage lingering. 


Small bookshops are terrific places to find books about the local culture.  


Others have been creating art culture in the community for decades such as the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco. 


My personal favorite is The Wild Detectives in the Bishop Arts Center of Dallas.


There you can browse the books and listen to readings or music, all while sipping a literary-inspired boozy coffee or cocktail.

City Lights Bookstore San Francisco, California
City Lights Bookstore San Francisco

10. Coffee Shops and Cafes

Coffee shops are great places to release your inner writer.


Many cafes have cozy furniture inviting you to sit back and take advantage of the free Wi-Fi and indulge your artsy lifestyle.


While traveling, there are wonderful places to people-watch and become inspired for your next creative project.

11. Artist Villages

An Artist Village is a unique little place to find all kinds of art.  A place where artsy lifestyle is a given.

The vibe can range from fine art to folk art, and every quirky thing imaginable in between.


Artists living and working together, in the same neighborhood or studio, can provide a first-hand glimpse into the local culture.  

Artist Villages are usually colorful and creative and an inspiring way to spend an afternoon or evening. 

Check out Village of the Arts in downtown Bradenton, Florida.

12. Online Communities

Online platforms, such as Meetup, offer a chance to join a group and mingle with others who have the same passion as you do.


13. Attend a Festival

Festivals and local fairs can have live performances, arts and crafts vendors, and local cuisine. 


They are often focused on a specific cultural or historical theme, creating a positive experience if it is your niche.

14. Travel to an Artsy Location 

 Select a location known for its abundant art culture.


Amazing cities such as Florence, Italy, Barcelona, Spain, and New York City give unending opportunities to immerse yourself in art and culture


Don’t be afraid to travel to cities where the artsy lifestyle is embraced

The Louvre Paris, France
The Louvre Paris, France

15. Visit a University or Community College

College towns can be places filled with cultural events and happenings. 

They will often host workshops and guest lectures as well.


If you are visiting a city or town with a large college or university, go to their website and look for community events. 


The nearby community college in my hometown sold theater tickets to their student productions.


They were fabulous and best of all came with a $5 price tag. I loved supporting the educational arts and seeing a show at a great price.

16. Walk the Streets

Art is everywhere you turn.


People need to express themselves in many ways.

Noticing is what connects us.


Street art in Barcelona Spain

17. Keep a Journal 

Write everything down.


Record all your thoughts and impressions in the moment.

Dictate them into notes on your phone if you need to. 




Don’t let it slip away.

Allow your artsy lifestyle follow you on your next vacation.

Embrace the art and culture and transform your travels.

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