Best Food Souvenirs from Florence

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Here’s your list of food souvenirs from Florence.

Are you wondering what gifts to bring back from Tuscany? 

The edible souvenirs from Florence are always the best kind.

I always plan to fill my suitcase and return with regional treats from wherever I travel. I found Florence to be one of my favorite places to eat. If only I could pack the gelato!

Florence, Italy, the capital of Tuscany, is a culinary paradise with a rich tradition of food and wine.

Be prepared to discover some of these delicious items and the best places in Florence to buy them.

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Chianti Classico Wine

Chianti is one of Italy’s most famous wine regions, and Chianti Classico is its finest expression. It’s known for its deep, rich, and complex flavors of dark cherries and earthy undertones. 

Where To Get Chianti Classico Wine in Florence

The best place to buy Chianti Classico wine is at Enoteca Antinori in the heart of Florence. This historic wine bar and shop offers an extensive selection of local wines.

The Wine Shop is located on the ground floor of Palazzo Antinori, one of the most beautiful examples of mid-fifteenth-century Florentine architecture, in the historic center of Florence.

A second location is the Wine Shop Badia a Passignano. It carries Antinori family wines, older vintages, and special formats. The Shop also has extra virgin olive oil produced on the family’s estates.

From Florence you can easily visit the Chianti Classico region in person to purchase your wine souvenirs. 

Let this excellent Tuscany wine-tasting tour take you straight to the vineyards of Chianti. You will visit two separate wineries and enjoy wine tastings, olive oil, and cheeses. 

Choose from a morning or afternoon departure. This approximately 5 hour long tour will take you past the picturesque Tuscan countryside.

This activity has received over 3,000 five star reviews. Past customers rave about the delicious high quality wine, the comfortable bus, and the beautiful scenery. 

Book your spot on the Small-group Wine Tasting Experience in the Tuscan Countryside.

Olives growing on the trees of Tuscany
Olives growing on the trees of Tuscany

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The scenic hills of Tuscany are dotted with silvery olive trees. It is no surprise that the region is renowned for its high-quality olive oil. 

When shopping for a bottle to take back home look for bottles labeled “Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil.” The flavor is rich, with a peppery finish. 

Where To Get Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Florence

You can find excellent olive oils at the Central Market (Mercato Centrale) in Florence, where local producers often sell their products.

Central Market is hard to miss as the surrounding streets are filled with colorful kiosks selling clothing, leather, and other Italian souvenirs. 

The historic building is two stories bursting with edible products. You could spend half the day just roaming the indoors and outside of Central Market San Lorenzo. 

Inside houses an incredible food hall where you can sample delicious food and sip chianti. Indoor vendors sell food products ranging from meat and cheese to vegetables and local vegetables such as mushrooms and sundried tomatoes.

Many of these items can be vacuum packed to transport back home. 

Use these travel protectors for your liquid souvenirs from Florence. They will work for wine as well as olive oil. 

Wine Wings

plastic padded bottle protectors for air travel- wine wings
Purchase your Wine Wings here

Pecorino Cheese

Pecorino cheese is a hard, salty sheep’s milk cheese and a staple in Tuscan cuisine. Be sure to buy some Pecorino Toscano specific to the region. 

Where To Get Pecorino Cheese in Florence

You can find a variety of cheeses including pecorino cheese at the Mercato Centrale mentioned above.

For a unique experience head over to Formaggioteca Terroir.  Use their link to sign up for a class to learn more about their cheeses and enjoy a glass of wine.

Cantucci (Biscotti)

These almond biscuits are delicious and often enjoyed with a glass of Vin Santo, a sweet dessert wine. 

Where To Get Cantucci in Florence

You can find authentic cantucci at bakeries such as Pasticceria Buonamici in the Oltrarno neighborhood. This bakery has been family run since 1949 with friendly and welcoming service. 

They offer vegan croissants if you have family members who need those options as I do. 

Tables are set outside in nice weather where you can enjoy a glass of Vino Santo Chianti with your Cantucci. There are a few cute tables inside in the back as well. 

If you wish to purchase some of their artisanal products to travel home with, you can do so right nearby at Buonamici A Bottega. It’s just a short walk from the pastry shop.

Buonamici A Bottega

Via dell’Orto 31-33r 50124

savory truffles on a plate

Truffle Products

Black truffles are known for their intense and unique flavor, making them a delicacy in the culinary world. Their taste is often described as a combination of nutty, woody, and a hint of mushroom-like undertones.

Tuscany is famous for its truffles, and you can bring home truffle-infused oils, sauces, or even whole truffles. 

Where To Get Truffle Products in Florence

Procacci, an historical sandwich and gourmet shop in Florence, is an excellent place to purchase truffle products. 

You can sit outside and enjoy a lunch of Panini with truffles and a glass of wine. Afterwards, browse the shop for the same truffle products packed for travel. 


Via Tornabuoni, 64/r 50123 

Are you interested in something unique to do in Florence

Finding your own truffles to bring home as a food souvenir from Florence is exciting!

Consider this small-group full day truffle hunting experience.

It includes:

  • Small group- maximum of eight people
  • Pick up in Florence in front of Biblioteca Nazionale (The National Library)
  • Meet up with a truffle hunter and his dog in the forests around the medieval hill town of San Miniato in Tuscany
  • Enjoy a delicious 2 course lunch and Chianti in a local wine shop
  • With over 100 five star reviews past customers rave about the value and personalization of the experience. Don’t miss out!

Book the Full-Day Small-Group Truffle Hunting in Tuscany with Lunch Here


These are traditional Sienese almond cookies, but they are also readily available in Florence. They are soft, chewy, and have a lovely almond flavor. 

While Siena is the most famous place for Ricciarelli, you can still find them in other cities and regions of Italy, including Florence. 

Where To Get Ricciarelli in Florence

Ask locals or check with your hotel or accommodations for recommendations on where to find the best Ricciarelli in Florence. 

While you can find them in most bakeries and pastry shops, asking a local where to find their favorite is a great strategy for uncovering a hidden gem. 

If you happen to be near the Duomo in Piazza di San Giovanni then pop in to Scudieri. Here you can sit on the terrace nibbling these almond pastries enjoying the incredible view. 

Pastry on display in Florence Italy


Panforte is a traditional Italian Christmas cake. 

Not to be confused with the bread-like panettone, panforte is chewy and similar tasting to gingerbread.

It is a dense, spiced fruitcake made with honey, almonds, and candied fruits. It is very specifically a Tuscan dessert.

Where To Get Panforte in Florence

Buy it at Il Cantuccio di San Lorenzo located near the Medici Chapels and the Basilica of San Lorenzo.

The shop is filled with other delicious pastries as well such as cantucci which you can observe them making through the window.

If you are not in Tuscany during the Christmas season but are dreaming of panforte you can order it shipped right to you with this link. 

Traditional Italian Panforte

Cavolo Nero (Tuscan Kale)

Consider Tuscan kale seeds if you want to take home something less traditional. Tuscan kale is grown and used in the region but rarely found in other parts of Italy.

This dark, leafy green is a staple in Tuscan cooking and is known for its deliciously bitter flavor. It is the main ingredient used to make the rustic classic ribollita soup.

Where To Get Tuscan Kale in Florence

You can find seeds in local markets or specialty shops in Florence. 

Some countries have restrictions about plant materials and seeds crossing Borders. Check with your country’s customs agencies about such rules.

When returning to the United States you must declare seeds at customs. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s agriculture specialist will determine if you can enter with them. 

If you would rather just avoid the hassle, but wish to grow your own Tuscan kale at home, there is another way. 

Order from Seeds From Italy online. They are the U.S. distributor for Franchi Seeds. Franchi has been producing Italian heirloom seeds for seven generations in Italy. 

Seeds From Italy provides growing instructions in English with your order. You can grow all your favorite Italian vegetables right at home.

If you want a beautiful cookbook of Tuscan recipes to help you put those vegetables to use, then purchase this gem:

Extra Virgin, written by co-hosts of the Cooking Channel show of the same name. 

When buying food souvenirs in Florence, look for these reputable local shops and markets to ensure you get authentic products. 

These items are delicious and a way to bring a piece of Tuscany’s rich culinary heritage back home with you.

You can’t take gelato in your suitcase with you, but don’t forget to eat plenty of it while you’re there. Here are some great spots for gelato in Florence.

If this is your first time traveling internationally, or to Italy, here is a guide to visiting Italy to help you navigate your trip. 

Also some helpful tips on how to hang on to your luggage and avoid anxiety during travel. 

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Shopping for the foodie traveler in your life? 

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