Gift Guide for the Traveling Reader

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Are you on the hunt for the ideal gift for the traveling reader?

Choosing the right present for a book lover, that isn’t a book, can be a head-scratcher.

The uncertainty of whether your gift will hit the mark can be frustrating. We get it, and that’s why we’re here to help.

In this guide, we’ve put together a well-thought-out list of gifts tailored to the needs and preferences of literary adventurers.

Perhaps you’re looking for practical travel essentials or unique gifts for book lovers.

Our suggestions are designed to give you confidence in your choice.

So, if you’re tired of sifting through endless options and want to find something perfect to delight your traveling reader, keep reading.

Our list is your ticket to hassle-free gift-giving. Let’s explore the best options for a gift that combines their love of reading with their passion for travel.

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Booklights for Traveling Readers

LED Booklight

Booklights are lightweight and perfect for traveling. You can’t always depend on the overhead light working on an air plane. Night travel on the train or a road trip is dark.

Additionally, hotels and vacation lighting could be inconvenient or even non-existent. The others in your hostel dorm will appreciate the minimal intrusion this booklight will have on their sleep.

Travel Book Stand for the Beach

beach blue book stand for traveling

Keep that perfect tan at the beach by utilizing this handy book stand.

Conveniently folds flat for easy packing in a suitcase or tote. Just as easy to use this book stand for a tablet.

Stands nicely on the kitchen counter. You can read while you pack those beach snacks in your vacation rental.

Travel Inspired Calendars 

travel Inspiration calendar

This beautiful calendar will help keep the eye on the prize.

A great motivation to keep going as you see upcoming trips penciled in. Gorgeous photography will invite the occasional daydream. 

To help keep track of all those travel dates ahead. Gorgeous photography of bucket list destinations to inspire your next trip.

Eyeglass Cases for Travel

travel case for eyeglasses and watches

This stylish eyeglasses case for traveling is perfect for those that like a little luxury.

The velour interior and the leather outer case feel posh. A convenient way to travel with your reading and sunglasses. Designed to hold watches too. Everything will arrive in one piece.

blue eyeglass case

Another option that’s a bit simpler might fit your needs. This travel eyeglass case is made from protective Neoprene, it keeps your reading glasses handy and at your fingertips.

It holds up to two pairs of glasses so you can bring your sunglasses and readers. If your travels include hiking, it boasts a handy clip which is great for keeping them from being crushed in your backpack.

Some practical accessories that are easy to pack and keep a reader’s eyes ready for the next adventure are:


magnifying LED reader

This light-up magnifying reader is perfect for those dimly lit, romantic restaurants. Small print menus in poor lighting can challenge even those with great vision. Built-in LED lights are rechargeable and adjustable so you don’t have to worry about disturbing the vibe. 

Wall Maps 

large wooden wall map of the world

A stunning wooden map that would make a perfect wedding gift for the traveling couple. Add photos to highlight and remember the places you’ve been. A unique work of art and conversation piece.

A beautiful visual of everywhere you’ve been and everywhere you hope to go. 

black and gold scratch-off map of the world

Interactive Scratch-off Map of the World that lets you show how travel adds color to your life!

Includes the country flags and also a map of the United States.


Well of course books! No traveling reader would be caught on the road without one!

Any books are always a treat to receive but travelers always appreciate books about or inspired by travel. Here are a few suggestions.


Especially great for the times when you are off the beaten path and don’t have internet or GPS navigation. A good old-school road atlas is invaluable on a road trip.

As is my usual job of being the co-pilot, I appreciate holding that physical map in my hand to anticipate what’s ahead. This spiral edition holds up well when getting tossed around the car as it so often does.


Next Exit – An invaluable tool used on our 28-day road trip around the United States. It is a guide that gives information about every Interstate exit in the U. S.

Yes, you could use your phone, but you’re probably using that as your road map right now. At the time of our 2004 trip, this book was our bible for bathrooms and places to eat along the way.

Guidebooks are fantastic for that pre-travel research as well. You’ll want to search online for updated information on restaurants and hotels, but guidebooks are a focused tool for learning cultural information about a destination.

It is a great overview when you want to learn about where you’re going. Head to the library and check out every single guide you can find and spend a week or two “guide-binging”. A couple of favorites include Rick Steves (Europe) and DK Eyewitness (Photography).

Coffee Table Books

the bucket list book cover

Who doesn’t want a Bucket List Book of inspiring adventures to browse through now and again?

If you are a member of Costco warehouses, they always have a beautiful display of hardcover coffee table books, at great prices too!


storytellers book cover

Before my summer trip to Iceland, I read this lovely tale.

Historical fiction is an engaging way to learn about history and culture.

This story had it all, mystery, romance, and humor. I loved it. Storytellers- by Larssen

Kindle or e-reader for Easy Travel

Who wants to lug around a suitcase full of heavy books? No one, that’s who. Kindles are lightweight and portable. They fit easily into a purse or backpack for that personal carry-on item. 

a hand holding a kindle paperwhite

I personally love my Kindle Paperwhite because it reads like paper in daylight. That means you can read outside and on the beach with no glare.

The bonus is it also has an auto backlight so when you are lying in your hotel bed at night no need to worry that you can’t reach the lamp or the lighting is poor.

Never let your e-reader run low again. Power up your devices and never lose access to your reading material again. Don’t forget an adapter for traveling abroad.

Some travel accessories for your kindle are cases, chargers, and travel adapters.

world map travel case for kindle

Here is a fun Kindle Travel Case for the traveling reader in your life.

E-books and audiobooks are free to download through your public library account. Sometimes purchasing a subscription is handy like if you are on a long waitlist for the newest bestseller.

Amazon offers e-book subscriptions to Kindle Unlimited and to Audible for its audiobooks.

Pop Sockets

lard card designed pop socket

Pop Sockets. Remember those?

With a stamped library card this one is designed especially for the traveler who loves to read. Hanging over a railing to get that perfect scenic shot without dropping your phone is always a challenge. This will help.

Travel Mug for Readers

white travel mug

Abibliophobia- the fear of running out of books to read. The need to read even when you’re traveling is a real thing. You know which reader this travel mug is for!

Book-Themed Travel Blanket

marauder's map fleece blanket

Snuggle up with your favorite book in the coziest way possible. This Harry Potter-themed lightweight fleece is easy to roll up into a backpack for easy travel and can be used anywhere. Invisibility not included.

Bookmarks for Traveling Readers

Don’t lose your place with these charming bookmarks and inspirational sayings. Bookmarks come in many shapes and sizes and there are plenty out there to inspire travel.

wooden bookmark with saying from JRR TolkienNot all those who wander are lost -JRR Tolkien

Travel Journal 

leather writing journal

A travel journal for the reader who loves to take notes or just jot down their private thoughts. It’s easy to forget the small moments that really struck you at the time. Writing them down will bring you back as you reflect at a later date. This book is covered in vegan leather.

Also, a sleek pen for the reader/writer to go with it.

Jewelry that’s Travel Inspired

Story and travel-themed jewelry such as a necklace or bracelet are unique treasures that will be cherished for a lifetime by any traveling reader.

Traveling Readers Fashion

Wear your love of reading far and wide, wherever your travels make take you.

green socks
green socks that say do not disturb 'i'm reading'

Put your best foot forward with this bookish footwear.

green Peter Pan scarfLook snazzy in this Peter Pan scarf.

blue sweatshirt

Blue rainbow sweatshirt to make you sentimental about childhood reading days.

Noise Canceling Headphones 

black noise cancelling headphones

These headphones are just the thing you need for blocking out the rest of the world so it’s just you and your book. Ideal for “tuning out” on an airplane for some sought-after solitude. 

Luggage Tags For Book Lovers

Platform 9/4 luggage tag

Spot your luggage right off with this awesome luggage tag.

There will be no mistaking who the book lover is that this bag belongs to as it rolls around the carousel.

Passport holder

passport cover

“I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list” is a common sentiment for those who love to travel. This passport/visa holder is a unique gift that will protect those important travel documents.

Book Lovers Stickers

Must have luggage decoration. Spot your bag right away at the turnstile. Great conversation starter for those lonely hours spent waiting in the airport.

Book Tote bags

Love this beach book tote and the adventure book tote.

beach tote saying life is better at the beach

adventure awaits book tote bag

I don’t know why I’m addicted to tote bags but I am. Use them instead of a purse!

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