23 Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers Who Appreciate Art

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This list of gift ideas for travel lovers is different from others you may have seen. Why? Because every item on this list supports an independent artist showcasing their original work. 

As a creator and traveler, I love the combination of art culture and travel coexisting together. 

Give your travel lover a gift depicting a favorite past journey or a future bucket list destination. 

There are endless possibilities when it comes to gift-giving. Be bold, think outside the box, and get them something unique and special.

I have carefully selected charming and inspiring gifts for your art-loving, travel-hungry friend or family member.

So whether you’re shopping for a birthday, Christmas, or just because, these gift ideas will please.

Some links in this post may be affiliate links, meaning I may earn a commission when you make a purchase at no extra cost to you. I only link to products I use or really like and would personally recommend to a friend. 

Wall Art that Inspires Travel

Gift ideas for travel lovers should always include wall art that allows them to reflect and dream about venturing out in the world. Here are a few types that would be suitable for different tastes.

Travel Posters 

Gift this colorful poster of Positano, Italy created by Amber Textiles. 

graphic print of Positano. Lemons hanging from a tree over the buildings and the sea.
Poster of Positano Italy

So bright and cheerful, sure to invoke your traveler’s memory of the citrusy smell of lemons from the Italian coast. Check here for additional gifts from the Amalfi Coast. 

Or select the bright blues and stark whites of Santorini to dream about that bucket list trip to Greece. 

Santorini Poster by Amber textiles

poster of blue and white homes in santorini greece
Poster of Santorini Greece

Art Print

This very cool Traveler art print by Jessica O. will have you marking items off the holiday list for the backpacker you’re buying a gift for.

Backpacking tattooed traveler art print

Travel Inspired Quotes

Consider this inspiring gift for travel lovers: Travel Without Regret- Purple Watercolor World Map Art Print

Help remind your roaming gift recipient of their travel goals and keep the passion for exploration alive.

world make created with purple watercolor. quote : travel without regret
Travel with No Regrets Art Print

Travel Photos for Inspirational Gifts

Have a favorite travel photo framed to remember that favorite vacation. Perhaps a family trip that has fond memories for everyone.

Check out the photography of Paul Fuentes to provide inspiration for new destinations untraveled.

La Favorite Framed Art Print by Paul Fuentes Photo will have you dreaming of a romantic pink Paris cafe.

Photo of a Pink Cafe in Paris by Paul Fuentes
La Favorite by Paul Fuentes

Destination Graphic Prints

This graphic print of San Francisco, California by Whiskermilk is sure to make any traveler dream about visiting the Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest.

graphic print of san francisco street
San Francisco


Need a gift for a National Park enthusiast? This National Parks: Adventurer’s Guide Wall Tapestry by Lindsey Poy is sure to be a hit.

wall tapestry of the U.S. National Parks
U.S. National Parks Tapestry

This wall tapestry is bound to be a National Park lover’s favorite gift of all. 

Your hiker can find all the parks they’ve been to. Then discover all the parks they still need to visit.

Tote Bags with Favorite Travel Destinations

I love tote bags and rarely travel without one. If I do leave them home I inevitably land up buying one at my destination as a souvenir. 

A tote bag is handy for all types of travel adventures. 

Not All Who Wander Are Lost by Zeke Tucker Tolkien’s famous quote reminds us we can wander with intention. 

tote bag with quote "not all who wander are lost"
Not All Who Wander Are Lost Tote Bag

Tote bags are a perfect carry-all for sunscreen, a beach towel, and a book. 

This glittery tote makes a great gift for the beach lover who travels for sun and sand. 

This practical gift for the beach enthusiast is easy to tuck into a suitcase.  

Beach Mermaid Gold Glitter lettering on Teal Tote Bag by Better HOME

Glittery Beach themed tote bag
Beachy Tote Bag

Fanny Packs for Easy Travel

Allie Falcon’s beautiful Southwestern designs will serve any trekker well while hiking in the desert or wandering at an art fair in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

fanny pack with southwestern design by  Allie Falcon
Fanny Pack Southwest Design by Allie Falcon

Travel Duffles and Backpacks as Gifts for Children

A backpack covered in travel graphics makes a super gift for children travelers. Look at these adorable prints. 

Fill this backpack with snacks and activities to keep traveling children busy on any trip. This would be a great gift for a grandchild who travels.

Camping Kit by Cat Coquillette

Camping Backpack by Cat Coquillette
Camping Backpack design by Cat Coquillette

Animal World Map for Children by EkaterinaP

duffle bag with an bright colored world map of animals
Animal World Map Duffle Bag

Travel Mugs and Water Bottles

Any traveler would appreciate this stainless steel hot/cold travel mug with Traveling Somewhere – Could Be Anywhere by Magdamdesign on display. A wonderful gift for a cyclist who likes to ride with their tea or coffee. Of course, cold drinks stay chilled in this travel mug too.

travel mug with quote "traveling somewhere"
Travel Mug “Traveling Somewhere”

Stickers for Luggage and Laptops

This retro Barcelona beach sticker by Serenity by Alex will look cool added to luggage or the laptop of a digital nomad. 

Barcelona Sticker with retro rainbow design
Retro Barcelona Sticker

Location stickers make fantastic stocking stuffers for travel lovers. 

Loving gifts from Spain? Check here for a list of gifts from Barcelona and a list of gifts from Seville.

Cozy Sweatshirts for Comfortable Traveling

When I try to conjure up gift ideas for the travel lovers in my life, I always lean towards the practical ideas. Gifts for lover’s of art and travelers come together with these loungey travel wear gifts. 


Every seasoned globetrotter knows that dressing in layers is key. Surviving unpredictable changes in temperature while on various modes of transportation is always a challenge. 

Why not give this Bonjour in Pretty Pastels Crewneck Sweatshirt by Apricot+Birch as a gift for a Francophile you know.

gray sweatshirt with retro pastel repeating BONJOUR design
Retro Pastel Bonjour Sweatshirt


Getting cozy on that red eye flight is easier with a big, soft hoodie. 

This soft hoodie, Born To Wander by Solo Travel, would be an appreciated gift for the solo traveler.

Born to wander logo on a gray hoodie sweatshirt
Born to Wander Sweatshirt

Destination Murals

Allows the travel lover to momentarily escape their surroundings and imagine themselves in the location of their dreams.

For the explorer who can’t decide where to go next there is the Popular Travel Destinations Mural by Mwart

black and white wall mural of text with destination words
Wall Mural -unique gift for travel lovers

This tropical mural by PixyDeco is a gift for the traveler who never wants to leave the beach. The palm trees, blue skies, and white sand are always nearby with this landscape hanging in your home.

Beach wall mural with white sand, blue water, and palm trees
Gift for the Beach Loving Traveler

Throw Pillows for Travel Dreaming

This adorable World Traveler Passport Stamp Vintage Design Throw Pillow by CutesOnly is the perfect place for the weary traveler to rest their head while they dream of their next adventure.

Throw pillow with passport stamp design
Passport Themed Throw Pillow

A Travel-Lovers’ Phone Case

Purchase an iPhone Case like this Never Stop Exploring by Monika Strigel. Look for her designs in retail stores such as Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. It’s a perfect gift for van-life travelers or young backpackers. 

Van Life Phone case as a gift for a nomad. Never stop exploring written on the bumper and llamas sitting on the roof.
Van Life iPhone Case

Makeup Bags and Carry-All Pouches for Travel Lovers

Just because you have to squeeze all your toiletries into those travel-sized bottles,  doesn’t mean you can’t pop them into these beautiful bags. 

Gift your surfer a practical, but beautiful Surfing in Ibiza by ArtDesignDE carry-all pouch. Just the right size to pack some lip balm and board wax.

Carry-all pouch with Life is better in Ibiza text on a black background. Orange retro surfer standing on beach.
Ibiza Surfing Carry-all pouch

A fitting gift for the Traveler who loves Mexico is this colorful Mexican Otomi carry-all pouch by Akbaly. Just the right size for makeup and toiletries and a lovely memento of their travels to Mexico.

Colorful Mexican Otomi Carry-all Pouch
Mexican Otomi Art

Art Inspired Yoga Mats 

Great gift ideas for traveling yoga lovers can include yoga mats. They make great gifts for travel lovers who are seeking zen in Southeast Asia or anywhere. 

A gift for the sushi lover who travels for yoga. Here is the Sushi Yoga- Coral Yoga Mat by Cat Coquilette. Look for more of her designs at Urban Outfitters and Modcloth.

Coral-colored Yoga Mat with a sushi design
Sushi inspired yoga mat

Travel themed Wrapping Paper

Why shouldn’t the gift wrapping for the adventurer be as fun as the journey itself? Wrap your presents and gifts for travel lovers in this beautiful artsy wrapping paper. 

Travel the World wrapping paper by SteveThomasArt

Travel Poster gift wrap
Wrap gifts for the world traveler in this cute paper

Hiking Patterns Wanderlust Camping Nature by Anziehend

colorful cartoon hiking designed wrapping paper
Hiking Themed Gift Wrapping Paper

Whether it’s a memento from a past adventure or a glimpse into their future wanderlust, these gift ideas for travel lovers speaks volumes. 

Choose something different in your gift giving that’s as unique and special as your art-loving, travel-hungry friend or family member.

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