The National WWII Museum Where to Stay and Eat

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The National World War II Museum is a must see when in New Orleans. A visit to the museum will guide you through one of the most pivotal time periods in modern World history. 

While visiting the WWII Museum, where to stay and where to eat will factor into your plans.

The museum is housed in multiple modern buildings with many immersive and interactive exhibits.

On my recent visit in August, I appreciated how the museum is broken up and laid out. It’s a lot of information to absorb. Not to mention, processing it can tax your emotions.

Multiple restaurants within, and nearby, can offer a refreshing break. 

Hotel offerings can affect the quality of your visit as well.

Maximizing your time with a convenient location and quality amenities will allow you to appreciate all the museum has to offer.

In this article I’ll share a few different options for the best place to stay near the WWII Museum. 

I’ll also talk about where I recently stayed in New Orleans and why it was a great choice for me.

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National World War II Museum Brochure and dog tags

How Much Time Do I Need At The National WWII Museum?

When visiting you will want to block out an entire day in order to experience the massive collection. 

The museum unfolds in a timeline. To appreciate the history in context, it is a difficult museum to rush through.

If you are a true history buff, or family of a veteran, you may want to consider a multiple day visit. Second day tickets are offered at a significantly reduced price.

The museum offers suggested itineraries on their website to help you decide the best way to tackle the 6 acre campus. 


front entrance to Higgins Hotel near the WWII museum

Official Hotel of the World World II Museum

Higgins Hotel 

If your main priority while visiting New Orleans is to visit the National World War II Museum then Higgins Hotel is for you.

It is directly across the street from the National WWII Museum. 

You will have convenient access to the museum’s extensive exhibits and collections. 

If you need a break during your tour of the museum, a simple stroll over is all it takes. 

Anyone with limited mobility or needing a midday rest should consider Higgins Hotel as a top pick. 

Part of the Curio by Hilton line, Higgins Hotel is known for its WWII-themed decor that pays homage to the historic era. 

Higgins Hotel Lobby
photo credit Higgins Hotel NOLA

The accommodation within the hotel is thoughtfully designed with a nod to the 1940s, seamlessly blending vintage charm with modern amenities for a unique stay.

Additional perks include a 4 minute walk to catch the green St. Charles streetcar at Howard Ave. It is a one mile distance to St. Louis Cathedral in the heart of the French Quarter.  

And if you plan to visit The National World War II Museum pre or post cruise it is only a 4 minute drive to the Port of New Orleans on Julia Street. This makes Higgins Hotel the best hotel in New Orleans for cruisers wanting to visit the museum.


Best Hotels Near The WWII Museum, Where To Stay

If your travel plans are to explore more of New Orleans in addition to the National World War II Museum, you have plenty of other options.

During my recent August trip I planned to explore multiple museums in the area. Because we had stayed many times in the French Quarter previously, we opted to try something new this trip. 

Kimpton Hotel Fontenot lobby area

Boutique Hotel

Kimpton Hotel Fontenot

We narrowed our search to the Kimpton Hotel Fontenot in New Orleans Central Business District

It is within walking distance to the World War II Museum and close to the French Quarter. 

It has several eateries within the hotel and plenty of amazing choices nearby. It is across the street from the iconic Mother’s cafeteria style eatery. 

We could walk to the streetcars on Canal St. to easily ride to many different neighborhoods of the Big Easy. 

the Peacock Room Hotel Fontenot NOLA

The Peacock Room was very cool and we enjoyed a drink and live music the last night of our stay. I had the best Sazerac ever. 

Gospel Coffee and Boozy Treats helped start the day off right. There is free coffee in the lobby in the morning and you can grab a delicious treat.

Gospel Coffee Hotel Fontenot

Besides the cool vibe. Kimpton’s boutique hotels have exceptional amenities. Bathrobes, umbrellas, and yoga mats in the rooms. 

yoga mat. robes, and umbrella hotel fontenot

Welcome cooling towels in the modern gym. Especially appreciated during a summertime New Orleans visit. 

We loved our stay at the Kimpton Hotel Fontenot and you will too.


Kinpton Hotel Fontenot desk

When visiting the WWII Museum, where to stay matters according to your needs. Since everyone’s plans are different, here are a few additional choices.

Unique and charming

Maison de la Luz 17 foot ceilings, a cool speakeasy, and romance galore.

Close to the Cruise Port of Nola

Hyatt Place New Orleans/Convention Centera great choice for anyone wishing to visit before or after a cruise.

Budget Friendly and Reliably Good 

Hampton Inn & Suites New Orleans-Convention Center

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Best Food Near the WWII Museum, Where To Eat

There are a lot of great choices for where to eat near the National World War II Museum. Inside the museum itself. Across the street at Higgins Hotel. Or a short walk in the nearby neighborhoods.

Restaurants Inside the World War II Museum

Jeri Nims Soda Shop is a casual spot to grab a coffee or a sandwich. The entrance is just outside the museum entrance on the corner of Magazine and Andrew Higgins Drive. It is on the opposite corner of Higgins Hotel.

Enjoy lunchtime classics at The American Sector. This restaurant is located within the museum between the Solomon Victory Theater and the Hall of Democracy. Local American classics are served from 11am. To 4pm. 

They have a really nice bar area as well if you are just looking to have a beverage.

the American Sector restaurant inside the world war II museum

Restaurants in Higgins Hotel

Higgins Hotel offers drinks and dining in four locations on site. 

As the hotel is directly across from the museum, it is a good choice for dining nearby. 

End your Museum visit at Rosie’s on the Roof, inspired by Rosie the Riveter, the World War II campaign poster that inspired women to join defense industries.

Rosie’s is a great casual spot to eat with an outstanding rooftop view of New Orleans. It is open to the public as well as hotel guests so if you are not staying at the hotel, consider dining there just for the view alone. They open daily at 4pm.

Rosies on the Rooftop of Higgins Hotel
photo credit Higgins Hotel NOLA

For a combination of local New Orleans dishes and French cuisine for breakfast or lunch head to Cafe Normandie. The cafe is full service and elegant and serves a brunch menu on Sundays. Cafe Normandie is a lovely choice for breakfast near the World War II Museum.

Enjoy a similar menu in a more casual space at Kilroy’s Bar & Lounge. At the bar or a cozy banquette you can relax into the late afternoon and evening.

For the most casual meal, pop over to Provisions in the lobby area for quick take away snacks, coffee, and beverages. Open daily from 6am-10pm.

Other Food Options Near the World War II Museum

Ugly Dog Saloon is a casual BBQ and pub just a ¼ mile stroll down Andrew Higgins Blvd from the museum.

Across the street from Ugly Dog is Cochon and Cochon Butcher, known for their delicious made in house boudin and meats.    

Walk a ¼ mile down Magazine St. to find Peche Seafood Grill,  noted for its excellent open fire grilled seafood. Enjoy the raw oyster bar in a rustic setting. 

Herbsaint is a lovely upscale French restaurant if you are looking white tablecloths and excellent wine choices. It is a little farther away, ½ mile on St. Charles Ave., but still within walking distance when the New Orleans weather is pleasant. 

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Food lovers will know not to leave the city without a bag full of tasty treats to take home.

NEW! The Liberation Pavillion

The latest installation was unveiled in November 2023, just in time for Veteran’s Day. 

After 23 years in the making, the newest addition to the museum was inaugurated in the presence of Tom Hanks. He was there at the opening of the original D-Day museum and has returned for the final phase. 

Tom Hanks narrates Beyond All Boundaries. An exclusive 4-D experience in the Solomon Victory Theater. It is a powerful and moving experience not to be missed. The show runs at the beginning of each hour and it is an additional ticket purchase from entry.


The Liberation Pavillion focuses on the cost of war, the destruction, and rebuilding of democracy. According to co-founder Gordon Mueller, the museum is a place to find hope, and freedom, and who we are as a nation. 

Visiting the National World War II Museum Tips and Tricks

  1. Be sure to keep track of the New Orleans cruise schedule. The days when ships have stopped during ports of call the World War II Museum may be more crowded than others. 
  1. Don’t miss out on the Dog Tag Experience. Follow a soldier’s personal story as you travel through the museum. It begins with a simulated train ride to explain. You’ll keep your dog tag as a souvenir of the WWII museum when you depart. 
  1. Be mentally prepared for the emotional toll the National World War II Museum may have on you. You’ll encounter stories of great bravery and tragedy. 

The museum itself is done very well. 

It will be unforgettable. 

As it should be. 

FAQ about visiting the National WWII Museum

Q. Is there an age restriction for visiting?

No. There is no age restriction for visiting the National World War II. Some exhibits may be too graphic for some children, which is something to consider.

Q. Is it safe to walk to the WWII Museum from the French Quarter?

Yes, it is safe to walk from the French Quarter from the museum. There are sidewalks the entire distance and nearly everywhere in and around the French Quarter.  Use the same caution and awareness you would while traveling in any city. The distance is about ¾ of a mile to reach Canal Street which is the edge of the Quarter.

Q. Can you leave the WWII Museum and come back?

Yes. You can leave the museum and return again on the same day. If you want to walk over to Higgins Hotel or elsewhere to eat, you can return later with your ticket and tag.

Q. How much does it cost to get into the National WWII Museum in New Orleans?

All World War II veterans enter the museum free. There are multiple price points after that. Each summer New Orleans hosts a Museum Month, in which the World War II museum participates in. Since we are members of the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, we were able to enter the WWII museum for free when we visited this August.

Q. Is there parking at the WWII Museum in New Orleans?

There is a paid parking garage at the museum. However, New Orleans is a very walkable city. You can park at your hotel and walk over to the museum if you are staying nearby. If mobility is a concern, a short Uber ride from your hotel may be cheaper than parking at the museum.

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