9 Cool and Different Things to do in Florence, Italy

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Have you already visited many of the classic tourist spots in the Italian city of Florence?

You may be looking for something unusual or out of the ordinary.

There are so many cool and different things to do in Florence if you know where to look.

Some of these are hidden gems, and some are in plain sight.

Here are a few of my favorites.

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Artsy Things To Discover

street artist in Florence Italy
Street Artist in Florence Italy

Street Art

While many people love and appreciate art, not everyone loves to spend hours touring the galleries. The sheer quantity of museums you can visit in Florence is overwhelming.

So, no worries for those who would much rather spend the day in the great outdoors.

Florence is a feast of artistic beauty outside the museums and the galleries. Just wandering from street to street will be a treat without the need to buy an entrance ticket. 

The architecture of the buildings is a joy to behold. From Medieval to Modern and everything in between.

Artists can’t help but be inspired by the masters in Florence, and you can watch them create right before your eyes.

In the area surrounding the Duomo, you will come across many painters, sculptors, and street artists engaged in work.

You can stand around and appreciate their skill for free, or even better, purchase an original work of art to take home as a souvenir. I am cherishing this little watercolor of the Duomo I picked up the last time I was there.

Watercolor of Duomo in Florence
Painted by a Local Street Artist

I could spend all day finding art in the streets, but I would never bypass the art museums in Florence for anything.

If you hate long lines and crowds this could be a challenge but there are some key tips to help avoid those.

First, just buy a ticket for the earliest time slot to be there as early as possible. We did this for the Uffizi and because it is so large it felt practically empty for the first 2 hours.

Second, buying a skip-the-line tour pass to get in early and also to have an official guide to give you context and history of the art.

Skip The Line!
Michelangelo's David at the Accademia Gallery
  • Professional certified guide
  • Relaxed atmosphere: No massive groups: maximum 9 people per group

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Check availability to skip the line and see Michelangelo’s David at the Accademia Gallery. This tour has a max of only 9 people. Even better. 

We did this for a Rome Vatican tour, and it was worth every penny. It does cost more than the ticket alone, but how many times in your life will you visit the Sistine Chapel? That was my mindset.

It turned out only 4 of us booked, and it felt like a private tour. So worth it.

Quirky Things to Do in Florence

Piazza della Signoria with Fountain of Neptune- Gucci Garden
Piazza della Signoria with Fountain of Neptune – Gucci Garden

Gucci Garden

Strolling the stunning Piazza della Signoria is a popular activity. Not to mention, the enormous Fountain of Neptune will immediately catch your attention. 

Here, you will find the Gucci Garden

A delightful, sensory experience you will not soon forget. Not only that, the 5 euro admission is a bargain.

Telling a story of recent Gucci fashion Archetypes, this offbeat museum will surprise you in the best ways. 

One room contains mammoth collections of butterflies and cuckoo clocks mirrored to create an infinite effect. 

Gucci Garden Collections cuckoo clocks
Gucci Garden- Clocks and Shoes Collection

Traveling from room to room, you’ll discover hidden surprises and may even find yourself dancing before you’re through. 

The Gucci Garden consists of a bookstore, boutique, restaurant, and cocktail lounge. All fashionably done, of course. 

Gucci Garden Tickets
Gucci Garden Tickets

If you can’t make it in person, check out their website.

It is fun, 3D, and interactive. It includes an audioguide and transcript explaining the creative process behind the venue.

We discovered Gucci Garden, not knowing what was inside, but I would have loved to read about it before we had gone in.

Palazzo Vecchio

Lastly, before you leave the Piazza Signoria, pop into the Palazzo Vecchio. This medieval palace is just too gorgeous inside to miss.

It’s free and requires a quick look, but the open-air courtyard in the center is magnificent. If you duck in during the rain, prepare for an unexpected and pleasant surprise.

Cool Things to Do in Florence

Get A Tattoo

Since when is getting a tattoo not cool? That makes getting a tattoo in Florence, Italy, even hipper. 

This activity will take some pre-planning on your part.

Begin with some email communication to the artist or business. 

This will help confirm the date, time, and general price. Subsequently, it will allow you to collaborate with the artist before you meet. 

Amanda, a resident artist at  Celebrity Ink in Florence, created this smart rendering of a Tuscany window with a view of an olive tree. 

Tuscany Window with Olive Tree Tattoo
Tuscany Window with Olive Tree Tattoo

The studio is a short cab ride from the historical center or about a one-hour walk. 

However, why not make this adventure even more memorable and rent a Vespa?

Rent A Vespa
Rent A Vespa In Florence!
  • Experience Florence the authentic way, riding an iconic Italian Vespa
  • Use a clean and sanitized helmet, provided by the rental operator
  • Make use of the provided GPS or map to plan your own sightseeing route

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A Hidden Gem in Florence


Get your picture taken in an old-school photo booth.

Fotoautomatica are vintage, restored photo booths sprinkled around the city. 

A passion project of a former film set designer, Matteo Sani, who scouted them out and brought them to the streets of Florence.

These photographs are the real deal; there is nothing digital here. 

For this reason, be prepared for a 5-minute wait for the image’s development to occur. Then, handle with care along the edges until dry.

Trust me, it’s worth the wait.

Fotoautomatica - Florence Italy
Fotoautomatica – Florence Italy

Where Locals Hang Out in Florence

Where do the locals hang out in Florence?

Everywhere, really, but sitting outside with a friend having a drink in the evening tops the list. Getting a few blocks out and away from the most tourist-filled streets is a must. 

We found this little place, Dorsoduro 3821, serving apertivo on our walk back to our apartment one night. It was honestly so near the center, but we were the only tourists around, and it was standing room only inside and out.

The owner was originally from Venice, 30 years back, and served us delicious cicchetti and drinks. 

Blueberry Snaps at Dorsoduro 3821 Florence Italy
Blueberry Snaps

He was so friendly, and when he heard we were traveling on to Venice next, he came out to offer us a taste of some blueberry liqueur, which we were happy to oblige him with. This was a beautiful example of generosity and hospitality. 

Dorsoduro 3821 – Via S. Gallo, 41/R, 50129 Firenze FI, Italy

As always, after dinner treat yourself to some gelato

Blueberry Shots at Dorsoduro 3821 Florence Italy
Blueberry Shots at Dorsoduro 3821 Florence Italy

Unexpected Things You’ll Find in Florence

 Wine Windows

So once I returned home from my trip, I learned there is such a thing in Florence called a Wine Window.

What is a Wine Window?

Well, in the 1500s, winemakers found they were allowed to sell wine directly to the public. So, to take advantage of this opportunity and to avoid paying taxes, they created windows in the walls of their estates through which they could pass bottles of wine and conduct business.

The windows proved handy again in 1634 when The Plague swept through the city of Florence, creating a way for merchants to avoid coming in contact with customers. 

Nevertheless, over time, the usefulness of the Wine Windows faded, and they eventually fell out of use.

We all know history has a way of repeating itself. As a result of Covid in 2020, the need for “social distancing” rose again. 

Wine Windows are luring customers back in for a glass of wine passed out through the window as a fun and unique experience.

I can’t wait to discover one on my next trip back.

Small Group
Wine Tasting in the Tuscan Countryside
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  • 4-hour guided visit of 2 different Chianti wineries
  • Taste 3 wines at each winery. Enjoy olive oil, cheese, bruschetta, salami

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Fun Things in Florence

Guaranteed fun at any age is riding a classic carousel.  

When near the Piazza della Repubblica, jump aboard this beautiful ride and feel young again. 

Afterward, grab a drink and a snack and listen to the live music you’re likely to encounter.

Carousel in Piazza della Repubblica
Carousel in Piazza della Repubblica

Treasure Hunting in Florence

Thrifting in Florence

Who doesn’t love shopping a little for interesting things on vacation?

You can often find cute little, out-of-the-ordinary items, by straying from the usual shops. 

Thrifting in Florence is a great activity.

There were dozens of thrift stores to explore on our recent trip.

From funky clothing to art prints, to vintage German WWII military uniforms, we saw it all.

Our favorite stop was at Melrose Place.

The prices ran from just a few euros to high-end, and there was room after room to rummage through.

Melrose Vintage Store Shopping Bag Florence
Melrose Vintage Store – Florence Italy

Gift Shops

Don’t discount the typical souvenir shops though.

You may not need another fridge magnet or keychain but this little bobblehead David sure gave me a chuckle.

I noticed it in the window as we were waiting on our timed ticket to enter the Accademia Gallery Museum.

Bobblehead of David Statue Florence Italy
Bobblehead of David of Michelangelo Florence Italy

Off the Beaten Path

Truffle Hunting

If you have the time in your itinerary or want to get out of the city for the day, truffle hunting may be the right activity for you.

Many companies offer full or half-day trips to the surrounding countryside for the hike and the hunt. 

We ran out of time on our most recent trip, but I plan to book a tour for the next one.

Unique Experience!
Truffle Hunting in Tuscany
  • Comfortable roundtrip transportation by AC 8-seater minivan
  • Two hours truffle hunting with an expert local hunter and his dog
  • Truffle-based authentic four course lunch
  • Guided visit to the medieval castle of San Gimignano

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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